Thursday, April 12, 2012

J. Crew, Eat your Heart Out.

Hey there readers!

Check out the newest addition to my wardrobe.
I just love this polka dot top.  And the best part is it so. very. affordable! (Read on!)

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I am a fan of this eerily similar top found here at J. Crew. 

They are so very similar, yeah?

Honestly, I had plans to purchase this top from the local J. Crew, but while out grocery shopping, yes I said grocery shopping I found my fabulous knock off.

If you love this top as much as I do then I'll give you one good reason to head  run to (drum roll please) Walmart (GASP!).

You heard right, Walmart carries the top that is ever so similar to the J. Crew top for just $12.

Now the Walmart top as is was quite big and boxy on me(see below):

But with two seams down the side of the shirt, I had a perfectly fitting blouse that I adore.. all for the mere price of $12.

Pair it with some skinny jeans and a blazer or a belted pencil skirt and you're good to go.

Of course if this $12 look a like shirt is not enough to convince you to grace the aisles of the big box retailer, Walmart, you can always pick up the $88 J. Crew version.  : )



  1. I am SO doing this. I happen to have some really bright skinny jeans that NEED this top.

  2. V€ry w€ll mad€. I'm following you now.


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