Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Peek into my home. Letter Wall

A peek into my home..

This letter wall was a cinch to make and cost me under $20. Score!
And I also just happen to LOVE the look.

  I bought a ton of wood, Styrofoam, and chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby and went to work.

Most of the letters I left as is; they coordinated nicely with my muted color scheme but a few of the letters I spruced up a bit.

Here is my favorite one of the bunch..

For this one, I just gathered small twigs, trimmed to size with scissors and hot glued the twigs on.  To soften the dark brown color of the sticks, I painted a thin layer of cream paint and gently wiped some paint off.
Pretty easy, wouldn't you say?

Here's another letter from the wall.. 

I just hot glue dried beans onto my letter for an interesting texture. 

I also picked up some silver thumb tacks from the dollar store and stuck them into a Styrofoam letter for a cool metallic look.

You can decoupage with fabric or scrapbook paper, paint, wrap yarn (have you seen those? - adorable) or glue just about anything on your letters to make your letter wall just right. The possibilities are endless.

Add an adorable baby and you have yourself  an instant photo background. : )

  I would LOVE to make an entire feature wall filled with letters in my entry.  Perhaps one day.



  1. I LOVE THE LETTERS!!! So original!! It gives the wall such a classy look!

    I hope you'll share this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality! :)

  2. Nice idea - I love the look! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and your sweet comments on my kitchen reno. Hope you'll come back often!
    Hugs -
    P.S. - Really cute baby!

  3. Amber! I love these, and I have to say the textures are so much fun (and even better in real life)! Thanks for sharing!


  4. This is such a cute idea. I want to do something similar in my son's room, but I'm wondering if he's too old for this. He's 11!


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