Friday, March 23, 2012

Cake Topper Love. DIY

Who knew a little paint and a dollar store nicknack could make such a killer cake topping? 

Love how this turned out!
Do you?

Here's how you do it..
First, pick up a nicknack, plastic toy animal, or other statue and some paint ( I used acrylic paint for the doggie and spray paint for the rhino below).  Make sure you get the right kind of paint for your cake topper. If you have a plastic animal, get plastic spray paint (you can find this at any home improvement store).  Paint or spray a thin layer of paint on your nicknack and let dry. Repeat, repeat, repeat until your nicknack is the perfect shade.

If using on top of a cake, place a piece of cardboard cut to size under the puppy so you don't get paint on your yummy frosting : )

Oh, and for a video on how to make the ruffled frosting check out this: 
It is way easier then it looks!

Loving this spray painted rhino bookend in aqua.

Up next:
a pair of elephant bookends in raspberry.
I can't wait!
Watch out dollar store, I'm head your way for more.
Hope you Enjoy!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Simplicity.. At it's Best Lace Cream Dress

For the Tuxedo Detail Tutorial (I used this to make the detail on this dress) click here!

This is oh-so-me.  If I could I would sew one up in my size, believe me I would.
But for now, the little one gets to wear the stylish duds while I strut around in t-shirt and jeans stained with spit up.  (One day that will change, right?) 

 A cream lace mini dress, dressed up with a tuxedo detail and gold metal buttons.  She loves it, can't you tell? : )

Stay tuned, a tutorial on the (EASY!) tuxedo detail to come soon! 
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