Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boy's Look

It's Boys Week at Project Run and Play!
I was ever so excited to sew something for my Wittle Wovie, Baby Wills. : )  Boys clothes are so very underrated, don't you think?

I barely squeaked this look out; as in I just started and finished the button down shirt and tie this morning.  Every single one of us (at different times this week) was blessed with a stomach bug that had us me scrubbing toilets and washing sheets for four days straight. YUCK.

So I'm feeling pretty good that I completed the design I had in mind.  : )

For boys it's all about seperates, separates, separates.  And so separates I sewed.  I decked baby Will's in some green skinnies, a cardigan, a white button down shirt, and a black skinny tie.  



Alright, let's talk specifics, shall we?

The green skinnies were made using a pair of Baby Will's ready to wear jeans as a guide.  I followed Male Pattern Boldness's Jeans Sew Along found here (Peter is an angel, I tell you!).  I learned how to sew a flat felled seam thanks to Peter and I'm hooked!   Seriously, why didn't I try this technique before? Regretfully, I didn't get many pictures of this, but the jeans have a coin pocket and some super adorable pockets in the back, perfect for stashing his treasures.  I adore the jeans; the hubby hates them. Who's side are you on?? Or maybe you shouldn't answer that. ; )

The cardigan is upcycled from an old shirt of mine. I added some bias tape and buttons and it was done. 

The tie was made with a black sheet and my own tutorial found here.

The white button up shirt was made by looking at one of Baby Will's shirts as a guide.  I am honestly jumping up and down that I was able to sew this without a pattern. I  had some serious doubts that it was going to be done. : ) Just as a note, I used the rest of the white sheet from the white sheet challenge. Hooray! I decided to add some black piping to the pocket to tie the look together.  I can't figure out if I made the shirt look too much like a Mormon missionary with a black name tag. haha!  What do you think? 

There you have it.. A complete boys look all made with materials I had on hand.

If you have any questions on how I made any item, don't hesitate to email me


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