Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween.

I'm still alive.. but ever so busy.  Sadly, I've had to put sewing on the back burner, with the exception of Halloween.  Here are all the juicy details of our costumes.. 

Last minute, I scraped Baby Wills' dragon costume and threw together this lil' owl.   The pipe cleaner glasses make the costume.


Little Rapunzel. The dress I made a month before Halloween, so she could not wait to wear it.  Total cost to make  the dress  was $14.  I can't lie, with all that tulle (10 yards) makes me want to try it on myself. ; ) The perfectly matching braid was my greatest find.  After countless hours searching online, five visits to wig shops, and a failed yarn wig later, I found this perfectly matching braid that reached her toes for just $4.99.  It was perfection.  

This little Knight, was store bought. Making costumes is some times WAY overrated; wouldn't you agree? 

Hope your Halloween was just as magical.


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