Friday, February 26, 2010

J Crew Inspired Headband

J Crew, oh how I love you. Here's a pretty little number from JCrew:

Adorable, right? Yeah, and oh so out of stock.

So, lets make our own version of this beauty.
Here's what we'll make:

Here's how..

What you will need:
Headband to match your fabric (I wrapped and hot glued a strip of fabric around a headband to make it match perfectly.)
Fabric (I'd say 1/4 a yard would be plenty)
Matching thread
Fray check (if desired)
Hot glue gun

Okay, so lets first cut some circles. You will need 7 circles (around 3 inches in diameter) per flower. So if you want three flowers, cut 21 circles that are roughly the same size. You an cut several out at the same time by folding my fabric together.

Now, let's fold the circle in half and then in half again (I did two circles at the same time). Until it looks a little something like this (minus the red lines of course!):

Here's where the red line comes into play, let's cut out the petals by cutting your folded circle(s) about where the red line is above.

Unfold and look how pretty! You just made a petal. Let's do that for all your circles. After all my petals were cut I put fray check on mine, but if you are going for a more shabby look, skip it!

I used six petals to make one big flower (you will need the extra petal at the end). So get six of the petals and fold five of the petals in half. Stack a folded petal on top of an unfolded petal like so:

Stack another folded petal overlapping half the last folded petal.

Repeat until you have all six petals on your flower.
Now, lets get your needle and thread and sew a few stitches in the middle of your flower. Make sure all your petals are sewn down.

Next, let's pinch the flower at the base and sew some stitches through the base like so:

Fluff the flower and admire the pretty little thing.

Time to warm up that hot glue gun. Hot glue the flower onto the headband where you want it.

Now, get the last extra petal you made and hot glue that on the back of your flower sandwiching the headband between the flower and that last petal like so:

You're all done! Hooray!

Excuse the photo quality on this one.. : )


  1. Look at you!! This is fabulous! I love these head bands! Your birthday party is also gorgeous. You did a remarkable job making that cake!

  2. So sweet, Glad I found your new blog, I'm excited to come for new ideas!:)

  3. I love it! I just came across your blog when I googled baby tie. Your blog is so fun and I love to do crafts so I will be visiting regularly! Thanks so much for the cute ideas!!!

  4. Your tie tutorial was exactly what I have been looking for! Thank you so, so much. I am going to try the tie pattern this week, but now I think I have to make head bands for my girls too. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to see what else you come up with.

  5. Way cute! Question tho, what type of fabric did you use?

  6. I had the same question as the previous commenter. I am clueless about fabric types, etc. and was wondering what kind of fabric you used to make the flowers and cover the headband. Thanks.

    1. I use a cotton poly blend. : )

    2. I used the same fabric for wrapping the band and to make the flowers. To weak the headband, just cut a narrow strip of fabric, hot glue to one end of the band and wrap until you reach the other end. Hot glue fabric to other end to finish. Hope that helps.


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