Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Treasure Rock with Free Tag Download

Happy Valentine's Day!  

So, I wanted to give my son something other than candy to pass out to his young friends for Valentine's Day, so after many ideas we settled in on making a treasure rock. And let me tell you, these rocks are much fun!    

They look just like real rocks, but break it open and out pops a little treasure.  Fill the rocks with money, bouncy balls, plastic animals, really anything!   My son was so excited to pass these out to his classmates. Let's hope they love them as much as he does.  : )

Tag Front: "You Rock! Have a happy Valentine's Day. "

Tag Back: "Break open your treasure rock for a Valentine's surprise."

Break open the rock and SURPRISE! 

To make the rocks, I used a great recipe found on The Kitchen is My Playground.   It's made with coffee, salt, flour, sand, and water. Easy, easy, EASY. My kids were even able to help.  

For the tags, I've included a free download for you to enjoy. Cut the tags out and mount onto cardstock of your choice. Have your little one sign the back, hole punch the tags and tie it to the rock with bakers twine.   

To download the tags, just click below for the link!


  1. I splurged today and checked your blog! How fun. It is refreshing to see your beautiful creations and fun projects. Thanks for brightening my day :). Love, Mel

  2. I am laughing...because I just know noticed that you already had a comment from me. It was actually Thomas :). Well, now you have three from us!

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  4. Could you post a direct link to the recipe, please? I clicked the link you provided, but it didn't go to the recipe. Love this idea and would love to use it - thanks!!


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