Monday, September 10, 2012

Pattern Remix, PR&P

So Project Run and Play is having a little sew along.  I decided to join in. : )

This week's challenge was a pattern remix of Katy of No Big Dill's Very Biased Skirt. Which is adorable, yeah?  It think she is brilliant for coming up with this technique.  

I made a promise to myself I'd only use fabric from my own stash for these challenges, so I sifted through my two GIANT bins of fabric and found a tan polka dot print.  The tan fabric color was just too, well tan and because of that it sat in my bin for years.  For this Very Biased Skirt I envisioned layers of a peach and cream, but the tan was just not cutting it. 

So I bleached it.
And it worked!

Tan Fabric + Bleach =Peachy Pink Perfection. 

With this little discovery of bleach, I now look at my stash of fabric in a whole new light. Oh the possibilities!

For details on how to make the flutter sleeved shirt you can check out my tutorial by clicking here. 

I did follow Katy's pattern directions (which are fabulous by the way!) with a few variations, which I documented below. 

Click below to see how I made my version.

1. First let's cut out your skirt pieces. 

Measure your child's waist (I'll refer to that as w from now on).

For the length of the front skirt panel, half your child's waist measurement then add 1 inch.

(w/2) + 1= Front waistband piece length.

For the back skirt panel, take your child's waist and divide by two. Add 3 inches to that.

(w/2) + 3 = Back skirt panel length. 

For the skirt length, use a well fitted skirt as a guide. 

Jot these measurements down. You'll need it for the waistband!

2. Using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, sew the two skirt panel pieces together. 
Hem the bottom. 

2. Next, cut out 1 inch bias strips from your fabric (lots of them!).  The longer the better. For instructions on how to cut a bias strip, check out No Big Dill

3. Beginning at the bottom of your skirt begin pinning a bias strip in any interesting pattern you want. I curved mine up to start with. Sew the bias strip onto the skirt leaving raw edges as they are. 

4. Repeat pinning and sewing. 

5. When I got board of the curve, I layered my bias strips onto each other like this..


When I was done sewing my bias strips, my skirt looked like this..

Now here's how I like to sew a waistband.

6. First let's cut out your waistband pieces.  For the waistband pieces, you will cut two rectangles on the bias one will be longer then the other.

Here's how you get get the width measurement:

I used a 1 inch wide elastic for my skirt so the width of my waistband would end up being just a hair over 1 inch wide. You can figure out the width of your waistband pieces by taking e (width of your elastic) and doubling, then add 1.25 inches to that.

2e + 1.25= Width of waistband pieces. 

For the length of the waistband pieces, use the same measurements you used for the skirt panel pieces.

Cut your two waistband pieces on the bias. 

7. On the wrong side of the fabric, iron iron-on interfacing to the front waistband piece. 

8. Fold the two long edges of your waist band in 1/2 of an inch; iron in place. 

9. Fold the waistband in half length wise. 

10. Do the same for the back waistband piece. 

11. Unfold the front and back waistband pieces and put them right sides together. Sew both short ends of the waistband pieces together.  Iron the seam down.   You should now have a circular waistband. 
You should now have a circular waistband. 

 12. With right sides together, pin your waistband to your skirt, lining up all raw edges and side seams. Be sure the front of the waistband with the interfacing is pinned to the front of your skirt!
 13. Sew the waistband on using the 1/2 inch fold line as a guide.

14. Fold the waistband up and press. On the inside of your waistband, pin one side of the elastic just a tiny bit above the sewing line you just sewed and just a tiny bit to past the waistband side seam.  Note, I prefer to cut my elastic to fit my child's waist in the next step.   

Sew the elastic in place along the waistband side seam. 

15. Try the skirt on your little one and cut the elastic to fit.  Pin and sew the other end of the elastic to your waistband as you did before, lining up the elastic with your side seam line and your waistband seam line.
 16. Fold the waistband over (encasing the elastic as you do) and pin in place.

17. Turn your skirt right side out, stitch in the ditch along the edge of your waistband. Make sure you are sewing the inside of the waistband closed. 

Now go try that pretty thing on. You're done!



  1. So cute! I love everything about this!
    Bonnie MS

    1. Thank you, Bonnie!

      I love your blog. Hope to see more of your projects!

  2. Very cute! I really like the waves in the layers. And your little model is so cute rocking her new skirt pose haha I'm hoping to sew along with this season of PR&P, but we'll see how that goes.

    1. Thanks, Crystalyn! I would love to see you sew along. I know, I'm hoping I can participate in the remaining challenges. Life gets a busy!

  3. I absolutely love this skirt!!!! Such a great idea!

  4. Love the curve and the polka dots and the many layers! :)

  5. I LOVE this skirt! It is beautiful and your little model is posing soooo perfectly! How fun!


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