Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project Run and Play Party Dress Remix

Why hello! It's been a while. I've missed posting on this little blog. 

Life is finally settling down in our little household. Thankfully. 

And what that means is I have some free time to whittle away at my fabric stash. : )  Project Run and Play has started up again and I plan on sewing along for a few of the challenges. 

This week's challenge is to remix Lindsey of the Cottage Home's The Party Dress Pattern.  

This is a GREAT basic pattern.  With a little creativity you can do so much with a basic pattern like this.  I almost sewed up a plaid coat with the pattern but opted to go for this Brocade dress instead (Winters just aren't long enough in Texas!), and my oh my I'm so glad that I did.  I'll get to that coat soon enough... maybe.
The fabric is a brocade-type purchased from Joann's (purchased for around $10 with a coupon). It has a lovely aqua blue hue with gorgeous gold running through it.  It is a little itchy so I opted to line the whole thing with a light weight cotton.  I must admit, when I purchased this fabric from Joann's a few months ago, I told the lady at the cutting counter I was making a dress for my Little One. She looked at me and then looked at the fabric and said, "I hope it will be a costume."  I quickly and ashamedly lied and said it was indeed for a costume of sorts (no judging! haha!).  I did doubt my fabric choice for a while so in my fabric stash this sat for quite a while.  : )

The truth was as soon as I laid eyes on that fabric I knew it was destined for a short and sweet party dress.  So when PR&P had this challenge it gave me a great chance to sew the design I had in mind and to use that darn fabric. I love the finished product and so does the Little One. 

For those of you who care, I have detailed the changes I did to Lindsey's pattern to make this sweet little number.

I wanted a shorter waistline and a lower neckline then what Lindsey's pattern called for so I just shortened the bodice pieces and used a bowl to trace a larger neckline.

Lindsey's dress pattern is a sleeveless pattern, but I felt this design really needed short sleeves.  So I drafted some sleeves and sew that to the bodice pieces.

Because the fabric is so busy and ornate, I wanted a very simple narrow sash in the front that would widen to make a nice bow in the back.  I also attached the sash to the front of the bodice.  It was a pretty simple change from Lindsey's original pattern.

Also, for the buttons I decided to not use her technique for button holes. I will use that in the future, but for this dress simple was better.

The only other change was that on all my seams I used flat felled seams which gave this dress a professional finish from the inside out. 

That's it. : )  A party dress for the Little One, thank you to Lindsey from the Cottage Home, you rock!



  1. This is absolutely adorable! Love the little photo shoot, too! :)

  2. Can I just say that fabric is fab? Love it!

  3. It's beautiful! Sometimes simple is best. :)

  4. That fabric is awesome, and totally appropriate for this gorgeous dress!!! I just love seeing all these kids so happy in their new outfits, your daughter is BEAMING!!! (*and I kept wanting to do a jacket too - but kept nixing my jacket designs, I'll save them for next year when she is walking and can get more use out of them ;op)

  5. Such happy photos of a beautiful little girl in a beautiful dress! Well done on the design.

  6. Lovely fabric, gorgeous dress. Did you use less fabric in the skirt then the origional pattern?

  7. The dress is beautiful and the addition of the small sleeves was perfect. Your daughter must feel like a princess in this dress. This is one she will remember all her life!

  8. amazing! someday sewing will happen for me again. today is not that day. *sigh*

  9. that dress screams party. I'm drooling over the fabric


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