Wednesday, February 29, 2012

$7 Paper Wreath Tutorial..

I am choosy with my crafts.  I prefer crafts that are affordable (meaning I could not purchase one at the same price it takes to make it), not overly time consuming, and does not look homemade.  This one fits the bill just perfectly.

Now, I did not come up with this idea.. I've seen them sold everywhere.    But I thought this is certainly worth sharing incase you haven't seen it!

My $7 Version of a Paper wreath.... 
  It is large (26 inch circumference) so it is perfect for covering an empty wall or hanging on the door.

This is not a detailed tutorial just some quick notes on how I made my wreath.

-Styrofoam or hay wreath.  I used hay.  Cost: $3 with 1/2 off coupon. (gotta love those coupons!)
-Hanging wire or rope.  Cost: free, I had some hanging wire left over from some photos I hung.
-Thrift store book.  Cost: $1  You could also use scrapbook paper or some other colored paper if you want it to have a different look to it.
-Paint for page edges. (if desired) Cost: I had on hand so free.
-Glue gun & glue sticks.  I went through a whole package of glue sticks. Cost: $3 with coupon.

Here's basically how I did it:

First, I painted the edges of my book pages a brown color.  This gives the wreath a bit more interest.  Let that dry.

Second, I wrapped the hanging wire around the wreath and formed a loop so that I can hang the wreath when it is all finished. 

Next, I ripped a page or two out and curled it like so...
I curled one side..

then the other in the other opposite direction.
We are going to start by gluing this to the back of the wreath to give the wreath a fuller look when it is done.  I  flattened the bottom and hot glued the flattened part of the paper to the back of the wreath (with the curled edges out).  Repeat until the back of the wreath has one layer of glued paper around it.

Next, turn your wreath over fold another sheet of paper, but this time fold the bottom like so...
Hot glue the folded bottom to the wreath close to your first layer.   Keep doing this over and over and over and over until your wreath is filled.  This takes a long time.. so you may want to watch your favorite show while ripping, curling, folding, and gluing. : )  Also, a pen or pencil end may help you avoid burns.  Just use the end to hold the paper in place while the glue sets. 

Give your wreath a good once over and fill in any sparse spots with more rolled paper.

That's it.
Easy, cheap, and beautiful!

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  1. I love this wreath. I have seen them before in other places. Great job.


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