Friday, March 23, 2012

Cake Topper Love. DIY

Who knew a little paint and a dollar store nicknack could make such a killer cake topping? 

Love how this turned out!
Do you?

Here's how you do it..
First, pick up a nicknack, plastic toy animal, or other statue and some paint ( I used acrylic paint for the doggie and spray paint for the rhino below).  Make sure you get the right kind of paint for your cake topper. If you have a plastic animal, get plastic spray paint (you can find this at any home improvement store).  Paint or spray a thin layer of paint on your nicknack and let dry. Repeat, repeat, repeat until your nicknack is the perfect shade.

If using on top of a cake, place a piece of cardboard cut to size under the puppy so you don't get paint on your yummy frosting : )

Oh, and for a video on how to make the ruffled frosting check out this: 
It is way easier then it looks!

Loving this spray painted rhino bookend in aqua.

Up next:
a pair of elephant bookends in raspberry.
I can't wait!
Watch out dollar store, I'm head your way for more.
Hope you Enjoy!

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  1. Awesome! How fun!! I also love your page topper. How did you make that? You never cease to amaze me :).


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