Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 Minute Pants to Rolled Hem Shorts Tutorial.

Roll up shorts are back in. : )
(Check out these from Gap Kids)
I'm so glad that they are back in style becase now all the Little One's pants with holes in the knees can be put to good use!
So an old pair of jeans will turn from this..
To this..

Here's a ten minute tutorial on how to knock off the above Gap shorts (with an added ribbon detail) with a pair of jeans you have on hand. 


What you'll need:
  • Pair of Pants
  • scissors
  • Ribbon (about 6-7 inches), cut in half
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread 
  • Iron
First, cut the pants about three inches longer then your desired length.

Next, we are going to pin the ribbon to the outsdie seam of the wrong side of your pants. Turn your pants inside out. With your pants inside out, pin your ribbon on the outside seam of your pants. Place the raw edge of the ribbon on the raw edge of your pants. (Ignore the serged edges in the photo below, I did this out of sequence!)
Stitch close the edge on both sides of the ribbon. Your ribbon should only be about 3 inches long (I hadn't cut mine yet)

Next, serge or zig zag stitch the raw edges.  You don't want any fraying.


Turn the pants right side out and fold the serge edge up.  The fold should be about an inch deep.
Press in place.
Fold again so the serged edge is hidden.
Press in place.

Now stitch a few stitches on just the  side seams. I just went back and forth and back and forth until it was strong enough to hold in place. You can also hand sew this if you want.
You're done!  Wasn't that easy?

Pair with a simple tee and you're Little One is ready for summer.

Check out the nice ribbon detail:


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