Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 Minute Tank to Toddler Tunic!

So, I have about a million tanks lying around that I never wear.  I decided to put those to good use.
In under five minutes I turned an old tank of mine to a tunic for the Little One.  
Here's the finished product:

So I went from this..

To this in no time flat.

My little one was ever so happy to have a new addition to her ever growing wardrobe.

 Here's how you do it. Ready? This is super tricky! ; )

Take in the sides to fit by sewing a seam down both sides of your tank.  You can serge the sides for a finished edge or use a zig zag stitch for knits.
 Cut the straps off in the back. Measure to find out the proper length for the straps (you don't want the tunic to fall off your little one!)
Fold under the strap so the raw edges won't show and stitch.
 Now go have your little one try it on!
Wouldn't this make an adorable dress or swim suit cover up?
Humm.. I'm off to make more tanks to tunics!



  1. so cute and simple! i'm going to dig through my drawer full of tank tops right now! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, great idea. She is so stinkin cute.


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